Miller CST 282 Stick/TIG, 208-575V, Tweco (907770)

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Miller CST 282 Stick/TIG, 208-575V, Tweco (907770)

Designed for welding pipe and plate in the construction industry -- this compact, 35 pound, goes-anywhere welder delivers 280 amps of superior Stick and TIG performance with Auto-Line™ Technology to utilize nearly any source of primary power on the jobsite.

Superior Stick Performance

Specifically designed for XX10 and XX18 electrodes, a customized arc performance is delivered based on electrode type and either a stuff or soft arc preference for pipe and plate applications

Auto-Line Technology

Work in more places with auto-line technology which automatically calibrates the power source to operate properly when connected to any primary input voltage ranging from 208-575 volts, single or three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz –– with no manual linking required.

Lift-Arc TIG

Lift-Arc provides arc starting that minimizes contamination of the electrode and without the use of high-frequency.

Adaptive Hot Start for Stick Electrodes

Automatically makes starting a stick electrode easy without creating a flux inclusion in the weld puddle.

Portable Power Supply

Weighing only 34.6 pounds the CST 282 is easily moved around a jobsite for increased operator comfort and safety. It is 7 pounds lighter than the previous model of CST (20% lighter).

Universal Connector System

Miller-exclusive universal output sonnector system can be used with either Tweco or Dinse-style connectors. The user can convert the machine from one connector style to another without having to take the machine apart or deal with adapters.
*Note - This package comes with Tweco terminals out of the box.

Voltage Reducing Device

VRD Technology reduces output when the operator isn't welding. This improves safety by reducing the potential harm from inadvertent contact with the electrode during non-welding pauses.

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