BuildPro Manipulator Welding Positioner (TU52020)

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BuildPro Manipulator Welding Positioner (TU52020)

The Manipulator by BuildPro uses two rotating axis and one tilting axis to help position your work for welding in the ideal spot.  The Manipulator uses popular 5/8 BuildPro Welding Table Clamps and components on the included fixture plate to hold your workpiece securely. The 40-inch work height is ideal for seated welding operations. For best results, always position the center of gravity of the workpiece in line with the two rotating axis to achieve low resistance repositioning.

•Capacity: 110 lbs
•Finish: Nitrided
•Hole diameter: .625 inch
•Hole spacing: 2.000 inches
•Plate thickness: .469 inch
•Weight (pounds): 165
•Dimensions (LxWxH): 37 x 37 x 40

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty

1 year manufacturer's warranty
(No reviews yet) Write a Review