BuildPro PROMO 4' x 4' ALPHA 5/8 Welding Table PACKAGE w/ 34-pc Fixturing Kit & FREE GIFT (TA5-FQ23-K1)

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BuildPro PROMO 4' x 4' ALPHA 5/8 Welding Table PACKAGE w/ 34-pc Fixturing Kit & FREE GIFT (TA5-FQ23-K1)

4' x 4' ALPHA 5/8 Welding Table (TA5-4848Q-A1) Nitrided Finish, Heavy-Duty Legs, Table Surface Height 36.5"
34-pc Fixturing Kit (TMK810)

• 1 pc. Table Ground Adaptor (T54700)
• 1 pc. Bench Stone (T58940)
• 1 pc. Cleaning Brush (T58820)

     WHAT’S INCLUDED in the 34-pc Fixturing Kit (TMK810):

  • (4) UDN5150 Inserta Clamps
  • (2) PTT634K Inserta Pliers
  • (2) PTT934K Inserta Pliers
  • (4) T54205 Stops
  • (12) T55057 Ball Lock Bolts
  • (4) T50505 Straight Edge Stops
  • (2) T50305 Right Angle Brackets
  • (2) T50310 Right Angle Brackets
  • (2) T50330 Right Angle Brackets


ALPHA 5/8 Tables: ALPHA is the toughest, most capable, and hardest working line of tables from BuildPro. The ALPHA line consists of our five-sided table tops, featuring 5/8" diameter boreholes on all 5 sides for extra versatility, and expandability. The ALPHA table line delivers industry-leading requirements for flatness, squareness, and dimensional accuracy with a completely new re-designed table frame.

The new five-sided tables feature a 5-1/2" side plate combined with the top plate to create a 6" height.  ALPHA table side plates feature an extended 5 borehole pattern for added precision and adjustability.

Nitrided (Heat Treated) Steel, hardened to 550 Vickers and finished with a nitrite coating with a case depth of 0.0004-.0008".

Reversible, Self-Locating Top & Side Plates. Patented Bushing design allows you to remove, re-position, re-align and reverse the tabletop plates.

  • ALPHA 5/8 Table Accuracy
    • Table Flatness: ±0.005 per 24″ x 24″
    • Hole Spacing: 2.000″ ±0.001
    • Hole Diameter: 0.625″ +.002/-.000
    • Plate Thickness: 0.47″ ±0.004
  • Heavy-Duty Legs, 3” diameter, feature Steel Leveling Pads to ensure proper leveling of your table on uneven surfaces.  Maximum height adjustment of Steel Leveling Pad is ¾”.
    • Leg Capacity is 1,500 lb./Leg.
    • Table Surface Height of 36.5”

Warranty:  1 year manufacturer's warranty

Leg Brace Assemblies often purchased with ALPHA 5/8 Tables

Leg Brace Assemblies: Fits all 3” diameter Legs.  Leg Braces reinforce and stabilize the BuildPro®  Ideal as a base for creating shelves.  Place a metal plate or wooden board on the brace framework.  Create one or multiple level shelves with additional Leg Brace Assemblies.

  • TMLB48 for ALPHA 5/8 4' x 4'
1 year manufacturer's warranty
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